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Welcome to Greene's Gym

Welcome to Greene's Gym, the best fitness community in Colchester. Our gym is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that is continuously to provide you with the best workout experience. Our knowledgeable and experienced personal trainers are always available to help you achieve your fitness goals. Join us today and take the first step a healthier lifestyle.



Meet the dedicated individuals who are committed to helping you on your fitness journey.

Dan Greene

Co Owner

Caitlin Greene


Josh Greene

Co Owner

Hannah Greene


Charlie Poynter

Lead Personal Trainer

Niki Greene


  • What are the opening times for the gym?
    We are a 24-hour gym for gym members. This is via a fingerprint scanner at the main entrance. The reception is manned between 10am - 7pm on weekdays and 10am - 2pm on weekends. You can buy day passes during manned hours. We also have a food and drink bar, and supplement shop open during manned hours.
  • Out of Hours Day Passes
    In some circumstances, we may be able to accommodate out-of-hours day sessions. Please direct message us on Instagram or email us at and we can look to arranging this for you
  • What are the parking provisions at Greene's?
    We have ample parking on site to cater for the gyms needs. During busy hours (5pm-7pm weekdays), please feel free to block in other cars and we can rearrange where needed. We also have several neighbouring business with open car parking provisions that can be used out of hours, as well as road parking after 6pm.
  • What facilities do you have at the gym?
    We currently have both men and ladies changing rooms, with lockers, showers and other expected provisions.
  • Belt, straps and wraps
    We do have communal lifting equipment available to use, please speak to reception if you need anything specific
  • Gym Tidiness - Define
    Please put away or replace any weights, bars, handles and benches that you have used. Any spillages, please clean up with the blue roll stationed around the gym. Any rubbish from food and drink, please deposit this in the bins around the gym floor. Help us to maintain the best gym experience for all!
  • Use of "messy stuff" for lifts
    Yes - we provide chalk blocks and talcum powder at the gym, to help with your big lifts! We ask that this is used respectfully though in return. Please make sure, when applying talcum powder, to do this in the wrecking yard, to avoid further cleaning Use of tacky on the atlas stones is also permitted, but only in manned hours and a strict policy of self-cleaning is in effect for this
  • Can we take bags onto the gym floor?
    Where possible, we ask that bags are left in the changing rooms, lockers or on the wall on the gym floor, to make sure that the floor is kept clear.
  • Tripods/Filming - is this allowed?
    Yes - but with a big caveat We ask that filming is reserved for form checking and PBs. There is a trend in the fitness industry of filming everything for no reason, and this comes with a lot of potential issues. As every - be respectful of the gym and your fellow members
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